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How 9-to-5 professionals can predict their successful transition from being experts to entrepreneurs

One concept you will frequently come away with from this blog is 'you gotta start somewhere.' No one becomes a master before crawling and if you're reading this post then you are likely a master at a number of things professionally. This blog is for you if you are subject matter expert in any field and especially if you are a STEM or STEM-adjacent professional. So if you have a degree in biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering etc...and perhaps have a career as a staff scientist, IT professional, project manager, college professor, then you came to the right place. Oftentimes we seek these professions because we love math and science and we want to do something meaningful with our knowledge.
This blog focuses on one of the lesser common professions for STEM enthusiasts - entrepreneurship.

I have a theory that most of us are not trained to consider entrepreneurship as a viable profession early in our academic careers. For most of us, by the time we are curious enough to look into entrepreneurship, we are pretty set in our ways and it simply seems like its too late to try so we don't. This is a classic example of how we may have hit our upper limit. Let me explain...

Its scary launching something when your success is not predictable.

You have what it takes to launch and learn.

You gotta have the right mindset to stay the course

So if you are a nerd like me and you want a shot at launching a business that you’re really excited about then here are three take aways for you: 
1. Launch and then learn by doing so you might have a shot at predicting your success
2. Leverage all of your transferable career skills so you can endure this iterative process.
3. Commit to operating inside of your genius zone so you can have meaningful experiences as you transition from expert to entrepreneur.

Are you hesitating to take the leap into entrepreneurship? 

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