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Crouching expert, hidden entrepreneur

Have you ever gone back and re-read your journal entries from years ago? If not, then I highly recommend it.  At some point, perhaps while finishing school or after locking in your first job, you decided to make a declaration or promise to yourself that you would do something big. 
Regardless of how that looked for you, it could be a real bummer to realize that so much time has passed and yet you still haven't hit your milestone.

For some of us, that promise was to start a business or side-hustle to achieve an additional income stream so you can retire early or pay off a house early or be your own boss. These are great reasons to start a business, believe me. Recently, I was reminded of how many times I promised myself that I would start my business. If you've ever set out to create a business and then eventually found yourself indefinitely stalled in your progress, where either you found a shiny new idea, object, job, hobby, hubby, etc... to take its place, then this episode is definitely for you.

As a well-trained professional, you have tons of marketable skills

Its so hard to settle on a biz idea when you have tons to choose from

Your level of commitment sets the tone for which idea will flourish

So moving forward, if you still really want to keep your promise to yourself, then be sure to do these three things:
1) Use any or all of your hidden and unhidden assets to come up with your business idea, 
2) Work on one major business idea at a time, and 
3) Be 110% committed to seeing your big idea through. 

Are you wanting to reclaim your goal to create and commit to growing your own business? 

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