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Strange-ish things

We all know that in order to validate your business idea you have to do some form of market research and at some point, you have to pitch to your potential clients. If you are a subject matter expert with a degree or career related to STEM or technical fields, then you know that its important to be vetted before you get the job. Its no different when you are starting a business. 

That said...have you ever been in a secluded room with complete strangers that you just met on the internet. No? Well I have...and all in the name of business. Let me explain.

1. It's risky to launch a business without knowing whose interested in it

2. You have to be willing to set up your experiment and then run it

3. Commit to learning from your past so you can plan a better future

If you want to create a product or service that really works for people who really wants it then do these three things: 
1) Embark on low-tech market research so you can find and narrow down your ideal clients, 
2) Vet your products or services by talking to real people, 
3) Set up your experiments and commit to learning from them until you get the results you want for yourself and your clients.

Have you been struggling to set up your market research so you can further define and design your product or service? 

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