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SMART & sweet celebrations now & later

Are you old enough to remember Now & Later candies? I remember the those tart yet sweet chewy candies. As I think of those fondly, I also remember my first podcast feature very fondly. However, I totally failed to celebrate that sweet experience in the moment. Well, I didn't so much forget, as I simply didn't do or say anything about it. Sometimes, when we're on a path to accomplishing major goals, its so easy for us to downplay the small yet really sweet milestones. If you are a fellow dope multi-degree holding professional, then you know what its like to celebrate big achievements. Perhaps you don't always celebrate the smaller ones in between i.e., an 'A' on your midterm, an acknowledgement in a publication, or an award nomination. Our huge goals tend to overshadow the smaller ones we achieve along the way and so our important efforts along the way tend go unnoticed. However, it really serves us to live in the moment as often as we can and to celebrate what we are doing in the present to help take us into our desired future.

Its no different when you are starting a business and you're super focused on major milestones, like witnessing a small fortune get deposited into your bank account or getting your 1000th client! There are so many good reasons celebrate small wins along the way and I want to finally share this podcast feature with you.

1. The first glimpse of your vision for your life and business is intangible

2. In order to see your vision through, you have to set SMART goals

3. There are hidden and unhidden rewards - people are watching

If you're anything like me, then you like to shake things up in your life every now and then.  If you are looking to get started or restarted on seeing your vision through, then try doing these few things: 
1) Use your vision as your guide for setting milestones, 
2) Take SMART action steps towards achieving your life and business goals, 
3) Commit to your vision and watch others take notice

Are you looking to reimagine or recommit to your vision of yourself as an entrepreneur? 

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