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Adulting: sometimes you win and sometimes you don't even try

As we grow up we learn new ways to legitimize our growth through #adulting. If you're reading this post then chances are, you are a full-time professional and by default, you've been OG #adulting since college. Here are a few examples of how you know you're doing it right 1) you have a full-time job, 2) you're responsible for other people, or 3) you actively invest in your retirement and/or the stock market. Although our responsibilities may vary, we can all agree that financial security is usually at the top of the list. This is why I love celebrating financial milestones of my family and friends whether its homeownership, paying off student loan debt, or paying cash for major expenses - you name it.

However, our achievements often come after a steep learning curve. If we're not careful we tend to keep ourselves from making progress either by procrastinating, not staying informed, or not doing enough. Have you ever delayed your progress personally or professionally because you weren't sure of that the outcome would favor you?

1. Sometimes, it seems like the closer we are to achieving a goal, the further away it moves

2. Sometimes, we manage to sabotage our progress due to unbelief

3. Sometimes, we're better off focusing on things within our control

Remember to do these three things as you invest in your vision as an entrepreneur: 
1) Trust that you are taking the right actions to achieve your goals, 
2) Do not sabotage your success by delaying your progress, 
3) Be accountable for what's in your control and nothing more

Have you been meaning to invest your vision as an entrepreneur so you can achieve new #adulting milestones?

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