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When is it time to ditch the cookie cutters?

Just saying the word cookie, makes my mouth water. How I miss the days when my friends and I would get together and bake holiday cookies once a year or do a cookie exchange to show off our skills. Cookie cutters are crucial for the holidays from making spritz cookies to chocolate snowmen. So why are we ditching cookie cutters in this episode? Here's the deal: Oftentimes, when we launch new businesses, we tend to follow cookie-cutter recipes for various processes...from how to create a social media post to how we manage our newsletters.

After coming up with my business idea, I was so very excited and overwhelmed at the same time. Ultimately, my vision for my business idea, clients, and life, dictated the design of everything from my products to marketing strategy to my systems.

Here are three steps to take as you discover what works for you, rather than settling for cookie cutter solutions: 1) Let your unique business vision guide the systems you adopt , 2) Create products and solutions that fit with the lifestyle you wish to maintain, 3) Spend time getting to know your market so that you can attract your ideal clients.

Are you ready to ditch cookie cutter business ideas and strategies so you can develop something that is perfect for you. Register for my Expert to Entrepreneur Masterclass, and learn how to do it for yourself.