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How to go from an NFO to a CEO mindset

Season #1 Episode #8

Wanna go from being an NFO to a CEO? I know you're probably thinking: what is an NFO and do I need another degree to achieve that status?! No, no, no. Simmer down, I promise you wont need another degree or certificate for this one, because chances are that you are an NFO already...but that's not necessarily a good thing. You see, NFO stands for Nine to Five and Overworked. Chances are that if you are listening to this podcast episode, then you know exactly what it feels like to be an NFO...and to be an NFO is to have an NFO mindset. This mindset has three overarching tell tail signs

Once I discovered that I needed a CEO mindset in order to ensure my continued growth and commitment to my business, I never looked back. Cultivating and sustaining a CEO mindset has its challenges, especially if you are currently sporting an NFO (Nine to Five Overworked) mindset.

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