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How to achieve the big ‘O’ in business

This topic is a continuation of one of our previous episodes where we talked about how to stop thinking like you're 9 to 5 and overworked expert so can start thinking like a compassionate, excellent and optimized entrepreneur.

This is when you go from an having an NFO mindset to a having CEO mindset. In this episode we'll talk more about how to achieve the big O in several areas of your life and business by implementing some go-to systems. And you guessed it 'O' stands for optimized.

If you are looking to develop a business that has staying power and that can change your life as it changes the world, then stay tuned. I am going to talk about how to think through your systems for finding and serving your ideal clients. If you feel you are destined for cultivating a vision for yourself and your business that goes beyond mundane day to day activities then do these three things:

1) Determine the amount of time you intend to spend working on your business daily and weekly, 

2) Fill your calendar with specific assignments related to client attraction or activities that benefit you and your business, and 

3) Invest in systems that suitable for helping you to consistently attract, serve and retain your ideal clients.