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P.S.A.: Jump in! The water is fine...

Heyyy! Welcome to the Nerd Startup Incubator Podcast. I am your host Dr. Chantel Nicolas and this episode is called: PSA: Jump in! The water's fine... So this is a public service announcement to encourage all of you dope subject matter experts out there that might be delaying the launch of your new business or new product or service. I am here to tell you with specificity, not just to get in, but to jump in! Uh Here me out! 

I have had the pleasure of getting to know hundreds of you out there personally, especially STEM professionals who are strategizing their 9-to-5 getaway plans. However, there are some of you are are feeling stuck and not quite ready to jump in wholeheartedly into experimenting with a strategy that can really work for you. 

Hence this P.S.A - Purpose, Substance, and Accountability - your catalyst. So let's jump in!

Let's clarify your purpose

Let's create your substance

Let's commit to your accountability

It all comes down to P.S.A. - Purpose, Substance, and Accountability. If you are having trouble jumping in for whatever reason, then go ahead and do these three things 1) use creative visualization to help you set goals 2) experiment with what it would take to realize your vision 3) and get help so you can see your vision all the way through. If you are having a hard time with P.S.A., then send us an email at [email protected] What are two things you feel are holding you back?