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3 Opinions that matter most in your business

Heyyy!! Welcome to the Nerd Startup Incubator Podcast. I am your host Dr. Chantel Nicolas and in this episode we'll cover 3 opinions that actually matter in your business.

Here is the thing. Even with 99 reasons to be confident, sometimes it can be that one person, one perspective, or one setback that can cause an amazing person like you to forget what you are capable of. Please let me remind you.

You are an accomplished, purpose-driven professional and you are always looking for ways to maximize your impact. This means that you care about having the right connections and making the right moves. You know that you can bet on yourself to show up and get it done.

Am I lying though?

So I want to encourage you to keep on going and I want to you to know whose opinions matter the most when you find yourself second-guessing yourself or feeling like you need to fall back or reconfigure things. So I will be discussing 3 opinions here:


Your Clients

Your Colleagues

Your Coaches

In conclusion, you know that as incredible as you are, there might be some blindspots or areas where you feel not so confident. The last thing you and this world needs is for you to forget who you are and to fall back. If you want to always be growing, then stop getting input from the wrong people, and start engaging with the three Cs that matter in your business. Clients, Colleagues, and Coaches. Are you struggling to build a community of the three C's around you? Send us an email at [email protected] and we will point you in the right direction. Alrighty - that's our show. Until next time!