Ready to get those Brilliant Ideas out of your head? 

You're an experienced professional & subject matter expert, whose ready to end the cycle of being in a constant state of pre-launch fatigue with no end in sight...

Nerd's Guide To Starting A Side-Business 

Mini Course


Sound Familiar? 


You’ve spent years earning your degrees, honing your soft and hard skills, mastering everything that was put in front of you (with lots of drama and trauma along the way), and now you are ready to level-up, build a business, and create wealth while being socially & globally conscious.

You're done with having your business idea stuck in your head.

You are done with getting more and more degrees and certificates to prove yourself.

You are done with making excuses to not design your ideal lifestyle.

Meet Dr. Chantel Nicolas

As a your fellow nerd & STEM expert, I've developed into an entrepreneur. I've completed tons of trainings, thrived while working for a STEM startup company, and even won second place with my team at a North Carolina idea pitching event called Techstars Startup Weekend.

I am the innovation #BrainstormQueen. I got you covered no matter what, whether it's career, personal, or business advice. Much like you, I am quite the consummate professional, as a mid-career published PhD chemist and data scientist. 

I am committed to helping brilliant-minded 9-5 experts like you, develop purpose-driven side-businesses so you can level-up, make an impact, and create wealth.

Let's Discover Your Product Offering 


Get ready for three weeks of dripped video trainings, a complete fillable workbook, and 20 downloadable and fillable worksheets to help you come up with your business idea & personalized launch plan.

These tools will help you take practical action steps towards creating a product that is viable, while helping you to identify who your ideal customers are.

Enjoy a bonus Expert to Entrepreneur Masterclass so you can get energized about finally packaging your idea into a unit that you're proud of and that people need right now.

Get access to 4 weekly Q&A sessions. Plus get on the phone with me for a 1-on-1 brainstorming session when you complete the course.


Class is in Session: Here's Your Syllabus


  1. Introduction to Curriculum & Bonus Material
  2. Download Course Workbook
  3. Complete the Pre-Course Questionnaire 

Module One: Know Series

  1. Knowing is Half the Battle
  2. Know Your 'Why'
  3. Know What You Like
  4. Know What You've Got

Module Two: Define Series

  1. Define Your Side-Business
  2. Define Your Business Concept Worth Pursuing
  3. Define Your Unique Value
  4. Define Your Ideal Clients
  5. Define Your Brand

Module Three: Learn Series

  1. Learning How to Create Your Side-Business
  2. Learn About the Competition
  3. Learn About Your Ideal Clients
  4. Learn How to Launch Your Side-Business

Concluding Remarks

  1. Course Recap & Extra Points to Consider
  2. Complete Course Workbook
  3. Sign Up for the Bonus Masterclass!
  4. Complete post-Course Questionnaire


Define a purpose-driven side-business that is personal for you. Build confidence around your unique perspective, convictions, skills, and interests.


Turn your ideas into viable widgets by validating them through target market research, tailoring your branding and content, and creating solutions.


Set yourself up with a launch plan that is customized to account for your busy schedule and business idea so that your 'why' can be realized.

Confidently clarify, create, and commit to your purpose-driven side-business. Let's go! 

Be among hundreds of courageous experts, who are determined to level up their entrepreneurship skills and build their Dope Empires!


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Learn What Others Have to Say

Marie St. Louis, MSN

"Working with Dr. Nicolas has given me a lot of clarity about how to create my side-business launch plan. As a wife, mom, and full-time Nurse IT professional, I was not sure how to come up with a business concept that is worth focusing on in my little spare time. She has helped come up with a concept that matches my specific experiences and how I would like to impact this world. Dr. Nicolas is very easy to work with and she has helped me pull my ideas out of my head, affirm them, narrow them down, and make them more tangible. Now I am confident that this is both doable and necessary."

Professor T.K., MS

“A moment of clarity was what I needed and Dr. Chantel provided just that! When we spoke, what was suppose to be a 30 minute call turned into a very VALUABLE 2 hour talk of finding gems that I hadn't discovered before. Thanks so much for the pieces you provided. I'm still marinating on those notes! She even went above and beyond by recommending our STEM Outreach Services to others. To top it all off, she also provided me with some other resourceful components that I can implement in my business right away. If you need a moment of clarity, give Dr. Chantel a call."


Nina Everflow, MA

“Dr. Nicolas has helped me narrow down my niche, and even coined the name of my ideal client avatar! I used this targeted language in a FB group and got hundreds of replies to my post and dozens of leads for my new coaching program. PLUS she used her coding genius to help me keep track of all of the responses so that I can follow up with my leads! I sold 2 additional seats because of her by my deadline ($1200)!”

Paula Littlejohn, MS, PhD Candidate

“Thank you for the amazing 30-minute power session today. You truly helped me unlock another dimension to my next entrepreneurial steps. I’ve already begun implementing some of the strategies we discussed and I already started landing speaking gigs and recognition in my area of expertise! πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ”