Confidently clarify, commit, and create your purpose-driven side-business and say hello to building a

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Leverage your passions, interests, and skills into a business of your dreams with a team that gets you!


Stop limiting yourself!


So you love STEM, you have multiple degrees, and you want to become an entrepreneur?


Here's what you can do...

“Edit resumes as a side-gig.”

“Learn how to write grants to fund your research.”

“Give professionals career advice.”

“Start a business doing EXACTLY what you are currently doing.”

No offense...


These are all fine avenues, but we can do that and MORE.


You’ve spent years earning your degrees, honing your soft and hard skills, mastering everything that was put in front of you (with lots of drama and trauma along the way), and now you are ready to level-up, build a business, and create wealth while being socially conscious.

Sound Familiar?


Have you been in a constant state of pre-launch fatigue where your idea for your product and vision has been stuck in your head, and for an uncomfortable amount of time? I’ve been there, and once I realized these 2 secrets, everything changed.

Secret #1

You don’t need additional degrees and certificates to create your ideal product or to prove that you can get paid for what you love, what you find meaning in, and what seems to come natural to you. You can create what I call a DOPE Package:

Demanded Offering with Premium Elements

This is where you add structure to your product or service in a way that showcases your expertise AND your ability to execute in order to consistently meet your clients needs. We will help you ACTUALLY put together a premium offering that your ideal clients really want to pay for!

Secret #2

The success of your business doesn’t depend on how perfect your product or service is or how many likes your posts get - regardless of how many people see your DOPE Package, it's about whether you’ve reached the right audience. It all comes down to DOPE Information:

Data to Obtain Paying Early Adopters

I used some of my nerd girl magic to automagically narrow down the ideal clients that I want to reach on social media, and I will show you how I did it without spending a fortune on a marketing firm! Afterall, it's how I reached you and aren’t you dope?!

Introducing the Expert to Entrepreneur group coaching program using the DOPE EMPIRE system.


Opportunity for

Package & Procedure

A virtual coaching program that will help you create and launch the purpose-driven side-business that you want, without all of the DIY and marketing overwhelm.

This Program Is Right For You If:

  • If you have many transferable soft and hard skills and a lot of interests but no stable business concept
  • Somewhere along the way you lost confidence in yourself as an entrepreneur
  • You are ready to take the next step to financial freedom and just need a plan that is tailor made for you
  • You are done with getting more and more degrees and certificates to prove yourself
  • You are so done with being overlooked and undermined in your 9-5
  • You are really busy and need a plan that fits with your current schedule and lifestyle
  • You have launched your idea and need to develop more digital services/products to propel your business

Here's What We're Going To Do:

  • Clarify and create a DOPE Package that you are proud of
  • Gather your DOPE Information so you can get paid to do what you love
  • Create your DOPE Empire side-business plan that you can actually stick to and build upon.
  • Leverage having a thought partner and turn-key tools to finally get this done
  • Build confidence in yourself as an entrepreneur
  • Apply curated business secrets from successful CEOs
  • Build a purpose-driven business that changes your life
  • A team who will show you how to embed your brand into your pacakge so you can start attracting phone calls from your target audience

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Module 1: DOPE Reason

  1. Introduction to The DOPE EMPIRE Framework.
  2. Finding Your DOPE Reason: Deeper Objective & Purpose for Everything.
  3. Identify Your Ideal Product/Service.

Module 2: DOPE Mindset

  1. Sketch your ideal life-style before and after your launch.
  2. Develop a DOPE Mindset: Daily Oath to Pursue Entrepreneurship.
  3. Establish your C.E.O. Rituals

Module 3: DOPE Information

  1. Begin gathering DOPE Information: Data to Obtain Paying Early Adopters.
  2. Learn How to Draft Content for Engaging With Your Early Adopters.
  3. Create Your STEM flow: Strategic & Timely Engagement Milestones for attracting ideal clients on social media.

Module 4: DOPE Package

  1. Finalize Your First Gen. Initial Product Offer (IPO).
  2. Create Your DOPE Package: Demanded Offering of Premium Elements.
  3. Finalize your Minimum Dope Offer (MDP) and complete your Good Enough for Me (GEM) brand identity and mood board.

Module 5: DOPE Procedure

  1. Create your DOPE ProcedureDrive to Operate & Perform Effectively.
  2. Complete Your BAPS Trainings: Bookkeeping, Automations, Platforms, & Strategies.
  3. Define and design your whole client experience.

Module 6: DOPE Entrepreneur

  1. Learn how to price, presell, present, and position your DOPE Package.
  2. Learn & Commit to Becoming a DOPE EntrepreneurDedicated Online Platinum Enterprise.
  3. Apply the CEO Mindset: Compassionate, Excellent, & Optimized.

Program & Bonuses!!!

  • Six DOPE EMPIRE Video Training Modules
  • Training and Program Guide
  • DOPE EMPIRE Framework Workbook (2 Versions)
  • 16 Weekly Group Coaching/Q&A Sessions
  • 16 Weekly Group Accountability Calls
  • BONUS 30-Day CEO Mindset Journal
  • BONUS Private Slack Networking Community
  • BONUS Resources & Templates (i.e., Funnel, Email)
  • BONUS IG Client Finder Hack Training (Universal)
  • Plus member led book clubs & and other activities
  • Occasional guest CEOs, technical trainers, and more...


DOPE Information Templates ($297 value)

No more missed connections on social media where you forget where you left off with potential clients. You will be all about your business, finding your ideal clients and tracking your engagement and progression with them before and after they make a purchase.

DOPE Package Templates ($197 value)

We can avoid starting completely from scratch by equipping you with signature presentation, client enrollment, sales page, workbook, invoicing templates, and more!

DOPE Procedure Templates ($485 value)

Say good-bye to all of the unnecessary tech overwhelm and choose from one or more of my funnel templates on various platforms to apply to your business launch.


LIVE Session with our team breaking down how to integrate your DOPE Package and DOPE Procedure: ($497 value)

Let’s be real, technology is the future plus we need to be able to leverage our time so that we can deliver excellent products and services, so we will work with you to better understand the available tools for scaling, delivering your package, and getting paid. Plus, we will show you how to use and get the most out of them.


IG Client Finder Codes: ($497 value)

Avoid randomly searching for your ideal client based on a hunch and lets code that up! No, you will not have to do any coding, but we will fast track you by narrowing down your niche and developing engagement strategies based on what they are actually saying.


Ready to create your DOPE EMPIRE? Let’s do this!

Ready to get that idea out of your head and start building the business of your dreams, with someone who understands you and has done it for herself?


Learn What Others Have to Say

Marie St. Louis, MSN

"Working with Dr. Nicolas has given me a lot of clarity about how to create my side-business launch plan. As a wife, mom, and full-time Nurse IT professional, I was not sure how to come up with a business concept that is worth focusing on in my little spare time. She has helped come up with a concept that matches my specific experiences and how I would like to impact this world. Dr. Nicolas is very easy to work with and she has helped me pull my ideas out of my head, affirm them, narrow them down, and make them more tangible. Now I am confident that this is both doable and necessary."

Professor T.K., MS

“A moment of clarity was what I needed and Dr. Chantel provided just that! When we spoke, what was suppose to be a 30 minute call turned into a very VALUABLE 2 hour talk of finding gems that I hadn't discovered before. Thanks so much for the pieces you provided. I'm still marinating on those notes! She even went above and beyond by recommending our STEM Outreach Services to others. To top it all off, she also provided me with some other resourceful components that I can implement in my business right away. If you need a moment of clarity, give Dr. Chantel a call."

Nina Everflow, MA

“Dr. Nicolas has helped me narrow down my niche, and even coined the name of my ideal client avatar! I used this targeted language in a FB group and got hundreds of replies to my post and dozens of leads for my new coaching program. PLUS she used her coding genius to help me keep track of all of the responses so that I can follow up with my leads! I sold 2 additional seats because of her by my deadline ($1200)!”

Paula Littlejohn, MS, PhD Candidate

“Thank you for the amazing 30-minute power session today. You truly helped me unlock another dimension to my next entrepreneurial steps. I’ve already begun implementing some of the strategies we discussed πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ”

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