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I'm Chantel!

Dreamer, Mother, Creator & Chief Motivator 

I know what it feels like to have a great career and still want my own business. I was there just a few years ago....

Just like you, I wanted to have control.

For the past 3 years, I spent my time working to help brilliant and accomplished professionals build and grow their own businesses.

My Story...

Before that, I spent several years sitting on my business idea, just terrified of putting myself out there on social media. And even before that, I felt clueless about how to package what I know and love into a business that I could commit to for the long run...


Fast-forward to today...

I have created courses, coaching programs, and I've brought people together in community to support one another along their business journey and I'm still growing!

Who would have thought...

Even with a full-time professional career, you can go from feeling like something is missing to feeling like you are complete because you've found the thing that was worth experimenting with and fighting for. You deserve to build a legacy and an empire you're proud of.

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I believe that everyone deserves a chance to create their own path as an entrepreneur

And I've spent the last 5 years helping 650+ professionals like you to begin creating their own formula for their life and business!

Meet Dr. Nicolas

Dr. Chantel Nicolas is a published Chemist and Data Scientist who has enrolled 650+ people from all around the world in her courses. She has helped everyone hailing from STEM to professional coaching industries to create successful launch plans for business ideas that can change lives.

She is committed to helping brilliant-minded 9-5 experts like you, develop purpose-driven side-businesses so you can level-up, make an impact, and create wealth. Dr. Nicolas' superpower is to guide 'nerds' on how to extract their amazing business ideas out of their heads and bring them to life so they can start or grow their online business.

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Words from our friends

"As a wife, mom, and full-time Nurse IT professional, I was not sure how to create a business was worth spending my little spare time. Dr. Nicolas gave me the confidence to start my own successful AirBnB!"

Marie St. Louis, MSN

"After just 1 session with Dr. Chantel, I created a digital course design package that earned me $30,000 in just one sale! She helps you to access your brilliance in a very innovative and non-traditional way!"

Nina Everflow


"Chantel combines brilliant scientific thinking with purpose-driven effort. Working with her has given me the confidence to go all in and launch an empire that helps individuals and companies problem-solve!"

Dr. Joelle Labastide

You're 3 steps away from transforming your business

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The Expert to Entrepreneur DIY Minicourse is a self-paced training program that shows you exactly how to get unstuck and finally launch your business.

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The Expert to Entrepreneur Bootcamp is based on a proven framework that shows you how to grow your side-business while holding down the 9-to-5!

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The Expert to Entrepreneur Mastermind is an invitation-only coaching experience with customized support to help you build your DOPE EMPIRE.

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Everyone should have the opportunity to thrive

and finally overcome the feeling of stagnancy in business. Let me show you how to put systems in place that will open the doors to living at the edge of your potential while in the driver's seat.

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About me


I create safe spaces for growth

I have an adorable toddler

I'm a pretty good dancer

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